Pusher Heater Grid Delete for 2007.5-2018 Dodge Cummins 2500/3500

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This product is not emissions compliant. Off-road use only.

Fully Machined aluminum Grid Heater Delete plate for Cummins 6.7 liter turbo diesel engines in 2007.5-2018 Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

The Pusher Heater Grid Delete replaces the restrictive factory heater grid with a fully CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum plenum cover. Finished in bright silver or titanium anodize ensures this part will remain beautiful through years of use and abuse.

  • This part supplies more air to all cylinders via a fully pocketed underside and a 120% larger inlet over stock.
  • Included are OEM gaskets and hardware to make installing this piece easy. 
  • This kit also supplies everything you need to replace your restrictive heater grid.
  • OEM gaskets and hardware included.
  • By replacing your restrictive factory heater grid with a Pusher Heater Grid Delete, you can expect results of: 50-100 degree Fahrenheit drop in EGTs 0.25-0.5 MPG increase Significant gain in throttle response Faster turbo spool

This product was tested on a SuperFlow SF-750 flow bench and the results were independently verified by Central Florida Machine & Speed. The configuration testing was performed back to back, the base line being our intake manifold with the factory heater grid bolted to the outlet flange (result: 396 cfm); after that Central Florida Machine & Speed swapped out the factory heater grid with our Heater Grid Delete and tested at the same inlet pressure (result: 528 cfm).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How will deleting my Heater Grid affect my truck if I live in a cold climate?

This product is not for everyone / every climate. The way a truck will respond depends on the temperature / milage on the truck. When weighing the choice of a 'rougher' start over the benefits of the heater-grid delete, some choose the delete. It's a personal preference; we even have some customers who 'seasonally' delete the heater grid.


2. Will I get a check engine light with the heater grid removed?

If your ECM commands the grid to be heated you will get a CEL. So it just depends on whether its cold enough to command the grid. You can have this feature turned off via tuning.


3. How does this affect the map sensor. Is there any truth to the map sensor not working properly due to less restriction and not reading the proper pressure and adding to much fuel?

The MAP sensor remains unaffected by this mod; it simply reads boost. The heater grid delete lowers restriction thus lowers boost. These trucks also utilize a MAF sensor to read air flow.


Reviews (42)

Donald Witner Oct 31st 2021

Heater grid delete 2007.5 Dodge 3500 Cab and Chassis

Thank you for your prompt service and shipping, The parts arrived on time and in perfect condition, I was initially impressed by the fit and finish of the aluminum parts. The install was flawless and completed without any problems, I did contact your customer service rep about relocating the mass air sensor, The person I spoke to was courteous and very helpful, He took his time to explain that the cab and chassis was just a bit different but the parts would fit and work correctly. It was great to talk to an actual person and not have to go through several layers of prompts to get to a live person. I would recommend your parts and especially customer service to all of my friends. Thanks Again.

Johnathan Schnider Jul 18th 2021

Perfect fit

Super easy install, I actually left the furthest injector line on and just pulled it off the rail, made it easier than trying to remove the whole thing. The pusher grid heater delete looks amazing, comes with a nice gasket. Wish it came with a sensor extension but if you cut the harness a little bit the oem one will reach just fine

Additional Info

Additional Info

3.00 LBS

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