Our top FAQs on how (and why) to get started

Unsure of where or how to start? No prob - here are our top questions we hear most often. Have more? Give us a call anytime at 772.212.9290 and we'll walk you through the ABCs of modifications.

Why should I increase the airflow in my truck?

The short answer: performance and durability. You will experience better fuel mileage, cooler EGTs, quicker turbo spool, better throttle response, and a longer lasting engine. There are no disadvantages to increasing airflow to a diesel engine.

What makes Pusher Intakes different from other aftermarket options?

At Pusher Intakes we pride ourselves on performance, quality, and customer service. Our parts are engineered to give your engine the most air possible. We source only the highest-quality materials in the U.S., use only the strongest manufacturing techniques, and test each of our parts extensively to ensure that they meet our rigorous standards. What’s more is that our customers know that when they call Pusher Intakes they will speak with a real person who can help them with any questions they may have. Try it out, give us a call or send us an e-mail and experience the Pusher Difference.

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What finishing option should I choose?

The finishing option you select depends on your specific needs. Check out our article “What Finish Should I Select” to learn more about each of the finishing options we offer.

What’s the difference between steel & aluminum parts?

The majority of our charge air system parts like intake manifolds and charge tubes come in mild steel which is extremely strong, durable, and long lasting. However, you will notice that select parts have an aluminum option. We offer this so customers can achieve that polished aluminum look. One down side to aluminum is it's much weaker than steel, thus in some designs it cannot withstand the abuse diesel trucks dish out.

Why TIG welding?

TIG welding is the strongest, cleanest looking, most durable form of welding. It requires a very skilled welder to produce our products, but it’s worth every dollar.

Can I do the install myself?

Definitely. We designed all of our parts and kits to be “bolt-on”, this means that you can do the install yourself with basic hand tools using the detailed instructions that come with your part(s). We also have install videos for select parts you can watch before starting the installation process to get a better idea of what the install will entail. However, if you do not feel comfortable or do not have the time to do an install yourself, then your local diesel mechanic should be able to get the job done.

Will your parts work in my custom truck?

There are so many factors that go in to answering that question that depend on your specific truck. We do take into consideration as many other aftermarket parts as possible that might be on your truck when designing our products but we still recommend calling us to check first, 772.212.9290.