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Pusher Pre-filter

Pusher Pre-filter

Pre-filters are great at keeping large debris like bugs, grass, rocks, etc, from ever touching your filter, which makes maintenance even easier. Our pre-filter is also semi-hydrophobic, so when water hits the prefilter it beads and rolls off, keeping...

Pusher Men's T-shirt

Show your Pusher pride in this super-soft t-shirt! Our t-shirts are professionally silk-screened locally on top-quality jersey knit 100% cotton T-shirts.These shirts have our new logo printed in Pusher Green on the chest with our tag line under that and...

Pusher Koozie

Keeping your engine cool shouldn't be your only priority; let's keep your drink cool too. Our Green Deluxe Koozie has a neoprene leather-feel that won't show fingerprints, and outlasts regular fabric folding koozies. Two-sided design. On the 'front' is...