Why we do it, and why you should too.

The majority of our products are made with mild steel. Unlike aluminum it can bend to tighter angles without becoming weak / thin, and it can also withstand much higher levels of boost without crushing under clamps. (We could use stainless, but it doesn't bend as tightly as mild steel can, and is considerably more expensive).

To protect our products from environmental damage and degradation we utilize powder coat. With no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no solvents, enhanced durability and a beautiful, high-quality finish, powder coating truly is an exceptional way to spice up your engine bay with some color.

Powder Coat vs Spray / Wet DIY Paint

A DIY paint job may cost less, but consider the following benefits of powder coat:

- Resistant to damage from chemicals, fuel and oil

- Better adherence to complex geometries

- Smoother, higher quality finish

- Heat resistant

We use the latest technology in surface prep and powder application equipment. We also offer a variety of powder coat colors, many of which are stocked and ready to ship same-day.

We also offer our products in their natural finish state for customers who want to match the color of other components they already have on their vehicle or want to powder coat themselves, but it is important to note that all steel products must be coated prior to installation. We do sell our powder by the pound for those interested in color matching.