The team at Diesel Army reached out to us to see if we could help them pep up and cool down their tow rig. We were happy to help out (because no body likes a sluggish tow rig). Read the full article here.


“Compound turbos are the perfect add on that guarantees to wake up your Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke engines. With a tuner, intake, and maybe some additional fueling modifications, owners are looking for that air to neutral things out. Compound turbos, which are two different sized turbochargers in a sequence where the larger one feeds the smaller one, is just how you can do that. A set of compounded turbos will outperform and outlast a single turbo in most cases.”

Making power is one thing, but having usable power is key. With the original large single turbo, the truck could make decent power. As a matter of fact, in earlier testing the original 66-mm turbo made 525-horsepower, but how did it do with a trailer behind it? To be honest, it was laggy, the EGT’s were sky high, it surged at times, and it didn’t clean smoke up very well. We’re after a traveling vehicle that can do exactly opposite of that.

In hopes of turning this truck into the perfect towing machine, we replaced the 66-mm turbocharger with a BD Diesel Performance Screamer HE351VE as our factory charger was long gone. We knew that we would work with Pusher soon on this high mount kit so we went ahead and got a head start. Now, we’re here unboxing our kit to make sure everything is ready for installation. Pusher designed this system to be installed by the average truck owner in their driveway, thus everything that was included in our kit was all we needed to perform the install.

The first thing that should be noted here is that Pusher Intakes takes as much pride in their packaging as they do in their parts quality. We have never had any parts show up that was packaged this nice and to top it off, after all of the bubble wrap was removed, the parts were genuinely nice. The Pusher Green powder coating on the plumbing, the perfect welds on the high-pressure connections, and the bracketry to hold it all together was all incredibly done. Pusher Intakes takes quality seriously and it should be known.