What is a Cross-Air?

Customer Review:
Robert Bock from Unionville, TN United States
"I felt a difference with 75 injectors, same with a programmer, but the Cross-Air makes the turbo come alive - it is the best upgrade I have done."

Our Cross-Air Systems maximize and balance airflow by tapping into an existing port of the cylinder head (or two ports, in the case of the 03-07 Cummins) that are normally sealed off with a freeze plug style fittings from the factory. By splitting off the driver-side charge tube and creating additional airflow path(s) to those port(s), your cylinder head will be better supplied with air. This helps balance the engine temperatures and load at each cylinder greatly.

You can expect -

  • Significant drop in EGTs through better equalized airflow to all cylinders
  • Increased fuel mileage
  • Increased throttle response
  • and a faster turbo spool

The 3" systems can be run with your factory intake manifold, or combine with our Pusher 3" Intake Manifold - but you'll get maximum benefits upgrading to our 3.5" System with our 3.5" Mega Intake Manifold.