Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System for 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins Trucks

58.00 LBS
All steel products must be coated prior to installation. See “Powder Coating 101” under Articles for more information.
Pre-filters are great at keeping large debris like bugs, grass, rocks, etc, out of your pleats, which makes maintenance even easier.

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Click to read: The 101 on Compound Turbo Systems: Our FAQs Answered

The Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins allows you to add a second turbocharger to your truck, supporting up to 750hp with the stock Holset turbocharger (and well over 1000hp with upgraded turbochargers). Compatible with most Borg Warner S400 frame turbochargers on the atmospheric side and upgraded factory turbos as a primary.

Built with precision, our plumbing components are TIG welded to produce beautiful welds with optimal penetration that doesn't impact airflow. Our system has been designed to work with stock and most "stock replacement" aftermarket exhaust manifolds. The overall design and location of all components allow for easy access and installation. Our Pusher 50 CAL Bullet Filter amplifies filter area to support maximum airflow and is positioned to take advantage of the large opening in the grill on late model RAM trucks. This filter feeds into our 5” cold air intake which has hidden sensor ports for a clean look. The entire assembly is tied to the alternator support to ensure a properly secured cold air intake. Includes a 5" massive inverted cone Pusher 50 CAL Air Filter and prefilter. Click here to learn how to care for the washable 50 CAL air filter.

  • Supporting your atmospheric turbocharger is our Extreme HD Turbo Bracket: no sagging turbos, cracking tubes or vibration here. We designed this bracket to monster-truck standards, ensuring maximum support and a reliability that sets our system apart from others.
  • The Intermediate Exhaust Pipe is coated with 2000F capable ceramic coating, and features a hydro formed outlet to match the T6 turbine flange. It routes outboard and up to the atmospheric turbo, keeping heat away from the oil supply line on the top of the factory charger while allowing the down pipe to pass right down the back side of the engine to minimize impact to your AC lines and other components.
  • The Intermediate Charge pipe is a full steel charge pipe with a v-band connection at the compressor housing to eliminate potential for a boost leak in hard to reach areas. It also has a 1/8" NPT port built in to make monitoring your intermediate boost pressure easy.
  • The down-pipe is two-piece, heat-wrapped and includes our patent-pending Smooth Flow Flange. It is simple to install and mate to any exhaust system.
  • The Pusher Straight Shot Dipstick Tube is recommended for customers with automatic transmissions, as the factory transmission's dipstick tube is routed in a way that does not work well with compound configurations. 
  • Extremely heavy duty turbo mount - proven to hold the S400 in place in any conditions.
  • The S400 charger is situated for optimal routing of each component in the system.
  • Full color instructions illustrating the step-by-step installation procedure 
  • Bolt-on System: No welding or major modifications to the surrounding components required 
  • Every nut, bolt, hose, clamp and even wire loom is included for an easy and beautiful install 
  • Average Install Time: 6-8 hours 
  • Custom Tuning is highly recommended. This kit can safely support 750HP to over 1000HP depending on turbo and fueling configuration
  • Proven to increase fuel mileage 1-2 MPG during daily driving and 2-4 MPG during towing and highway use Unsurpassed EGT control, reductions over 200F are common in mild applications


1. Aren’t compounds for race trucks?

No, absolutely not. A properly size compound system can drastically improves every performance aspect of your truck. A turbo charger has a fairly narrow efficiency range (a set of operating conditions that yield a good amount of boost for the amount of exhaust used). The stock charge is pretty efficient at the low-mid range of power that the engine makes from the factory. Above that range, it requires exponentially more power to spin. Thus by letting the atmospheric turbo in a compound system do the top end work, the engine becomes much more efficient which yields more power to the tires, lower EGT’s, better MPG’s, longer engine life, etc.  


2. How long should I expect the install to be?

This setup installs extremely efficiently for a compound system. We generally recommend customers set aside a day to do the install so they don’t rush it. 6-8 hours is typical.  


3. Do I need to buy anything additional to be able to install this system?

No, this is a turn-key setup that only requires simple hand tools and knowledge. It comes with extensive instructions so once you start the install, you should not have to go to the hardware store, the auto parts store, etc. Note: if you have some sort of “out side the box” mods done to your truck, it’s always a good idea to check with us prior to purchasing this setup.  


4. What size exhaust should I use?

We’ve found that 4” works quite well and keeps drone in check. That being said, the second turbo works much like a muffler and significantly cuts down individual cylinder fire. Generally all you can hear over anything more than a few PSI of boost with compounds is boost.  


5. Is my factory turbo really going to work in this setup?

Yes absolutely - the factory charger is setup perfectly for compound systems making up to about 700HP. It has a smaller turbine housing which works great for low-end spool time and a large internal gate which works great for bypassing enough exhaust flow to the atmospheric turbo.  


6. Where is the waste gate?

The waste gate is built into your factory charger. It is critical to any compound system as it allows the primary turbine wheel and housing to be small for good throttle response. It allows this to happen by bypassing exhaust flow around the primary turbo in the mid-top RPM range so the atmospheric turbo can do its job. If you’re considering a compound system without a waste gate, don’t.  


7. Do I need bigger injectors or any other increased fuel delivery to run this system?

That depends on how much power you want to make, more specifically what you want the truck to do. This system works great at 300-750HP. If you’re looking for a tow oriented setup that makes great power and are looking for a 300-600HP truck, then we would recommend a S471 with the stock charger. If you think you’re going to shoot for 500-700HP we’d recommend the S475 with the stock charger, swapping in a small S300 based charger later can take the S475 to over 750HP. Lastly if you have a highly modified stock charger and/or are planning to swap to mid sized S300 charger in the near future AND are concerned mostly with peak power, we would recommend the S480. 


8. Do I need an aftermarket exhaust manifold?

No you don't; we have found that the factory exhaust manifold works quite well with factory turbos at around 700HP and less. That being said: there is some room for improvement at the collector area of the manifold, so a properly designed aftermarket manifold could contribute some to performance.  


Reviews (11)

Dillon Sep 16th 2020

Good kit

Overall happy with it. Fitment is good. Powercoat is good. Only a few things is my kit that it did not come with a oil drain gasket and a T-6 turbo mount gasket. But other than that with my 100hp injectors this kit rips and amazing for towing

David - Pokey's Performance and Repair Jun 30th 2020

The Best

I installed the Compound turbo setup with the S480 turbo on my '06 Dodge, WOW, am I ever impressed. The fitment and the quality is second to none, oh and the instructions are the best I've seen yet. I've installed a number of different brand kits on customer vehicles and none have fit as well as this kit. Thanks so much for the awesome products and awesome customer service !!

Additional Info

Additional Info

58.00 LBS
All steel products must be coated prior to installation. See “Powder Coating 101” under Articles for more information.
Pre-filters are great at keeping large debris like bugs, grass, rocks, etc, out of your pleats, which makes maintenance even easier.

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