Pusher Coolant Reroute Kit for 2007-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Trucks

5.00 LBS
This product is for off-road use only. It is the responsibility of the truck owner to ensure safe and lawful use of this product. *
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This product is not emissions compliant. Off-road use only.

This product does not fit the cab chassis style truck without modifications.

Address the unnecessary clutter on the exhaust side of your engine, while increasing coolant flow to the back of your cylinder head. Ideal for aftermarket turbocharger configurations. We designed the 6.7L Cummins Coolant Reroute Kit to increase coolant flow to the rear cylinders and 'clean up' the exhaust side of the engine. This kit also eliminates the failure-prone flex joint in the factory coolant riser (a common source of leaking coolant).

Individual part overview:

  • Coolant riser adapter machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized for superior corrosion resistance
  • Pre-formed coolant hose
  • Brushed 304 stainless transmission dip stick bracket
  • Cylinder head coolant adapter
  • Miscellaneous hardware and seals


This kit secures the following components while making room for other turbo configurations:

  • Coolant riser tubeTransmission dipstick tube
  • Drive pressure sensorCCV routing (optional)  
  • Developed and tested for over 2.5 years with the Pusher High Mount Compound System
  • Coolant riser adapter connection proven to hold over 90PSI of coolant pressure Proven double digit drop in coolant temps.

Results vary by application and use conditions


Reviews (16)

Noah Rule May 5th 2022

Still leaking

Could be better cut my stock tube per the instructions the included oring folding over itself lubed it up and nothing trying to get it to fit was a nightmare finally shoved it in there and still leaks they should include 3 or 4 extra o rings

Josh Dennis Dec 2nd 2021

Coolant reroute

Great product all the part fit like it should

Additional Info

Additional Info

5.00 LBS

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