Pusher Powerflow Intake Manifold / Turbo Inlet Package for 2015-19 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Equipped Trucks

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Not compatible with 2015-2016 Cab Chassis vehicles (F450 / F550)

The all-new Pusher Powerflow Intake Manifold / Turbo Inlet Package addresses the weakest airflow component of the 6.7L Powerstroke engine since its inception: the anemic factory intake manifold. 

On the stock intake manifold when air passes through the throttle valve it is immediately disrupted by the EGR boss followed by a solid wall – forcing it to be directed in nearly a 360-degree spiral pattern. With the Pusher Powerflow design, we’ve redirected the EGR flow to join the intake stream at an acute angle and have eliminated the “wall” entirely, netting a whopping 66% increase in airflow.

Because the stock turbo inlet is integrated into the factory intake manifold on the 2015 and up model year trucks a new turbo inlet is necessary to install any form of new intake manifold. The Pusher Powerflow Turbo Inlet design results in a 15% increase in airflow over stock while still maintaining the factory mounting points and CCV plumbing.

The best part - upgrading your engine with our Powerflow intake manifold delivers maximum and perfectly equalized air flow to each cylinder head while also providing provisions for your factory emissions equipment.

Our system works with your factory equipment - no tuning required. Just bolt on and go. 


  • The entire system is constructed around mandrel-bent steel tubing with CNC-machined sensor ports and flanges for an insanely rugged system designed and built to last the life of your truck.
  • Fully TIG welded with precise settings to achieve optimum penetration without compromising airflow.
  • Compatible with our popular cold and hot side charge tubes for the 6.7L Powerstroke platform, as well as all major cold air intake designs currently on the market. 
  • Available in six powder coat colors, or in natural finish ready for you to custom coat. 
  • Includes all necessary hardware and OEM quality gaskets along with full color instructions.



  • Reduced EGT’s
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased turbo spool and throttle response
  • Easier access to engine components

What’s in the box?

(1) FP11XXIME | Pusher Power Flow Intake Manifold
(1) FP1519TINA | Pusher Turbo Inlet
(1) PS16S4 | Silicone 4" Black 5-Ply Coupler
(2) WC_4 | Worm Drive Clamp for 4" Silicone Couplers
(2) FP O-Ring | Powerstroke Intake Manifold O-Ring
(2) M8 x 20mm Bolt
(2) M8 Stainless Washer
(8) M6 x 1 x 25mm Flange Bolt
(8) M6 x 18 mm Fender Washer
(1) M6 x 14mm Allen Bolt
(1) Intake Spacer
(1) Throttle Valve Gasket
(2) EGR Tube Gasket


Reviews (27)

FBerg Jun 16th 2024

2017 Powerstroke Pusher (2)

Day after install....need to pass this on to all of the weekend mechanics like myself. Check your work the following day when you are rested. Found 3 bolts that needed more tightening....and one that was loose ( I swore I tightened every one of them yesterday). Went back and checked every conceivable leak and tightened up a few more bolts. And...I found a sensor that I had connected to the bottom of the throttle body that was not connected...made sure the red retainer was pushed in this time. Moral of the story is the machined parts are only as good as the installer and you need to double check your work....second set of eyes would have been great. I am extremely happy with this install now....the parts are a big part of this and thank you to Pusher.

FBerg Jun 15th 2024

2017 Powerstroke Pusher

Very nice addition to the Powerstroke! Just installed it this morning....5.5 hours for me as I took my time...and had a few other items to take care of as well. You need to watch the videos for sure as the written instructions are short/vague/not detailed but the youtube videos are. The longest part of the install will be taking out the OEM intake/manifold....too many of those bolts and then you have to get back behind the damn thing in order to finish it....oooph! But, the install was easy except for torquing the 2 rear bolts....watch the video. I have only taken it out once since the install to try and burp the coolant lines but this week will tell all. I do like the aesthetics and this piping kit does open up some room. I do think I will be adding the cold side and the throttle body pretty soon. Very nice powder coating, weld joints, fitment, hardware....this is a complete package. I did read about 2 folks breaking the T joint for the coolant lines on top of the throttle body.....I removed the driver side and radiator side hose and the took a shoestring and tied it to the passenger side arm of the hood....got it out of the way. Give yourself time and watch the videos. I do have a picture of the finished product but do not see a way to attach it to this review but will if they send me a link.

Additional Info

Additional Info

24.00 LBS

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